Communication Systems

Radio communication networks, GPS and competitor safety system.

The event safety group has over twenty years experience in providing communications networks to a variety of events.

Examples of events we have provided systems to include: Trail Races, Marathons, Mountain Marathons, Ultra Distance, MTB, Orienteering, Multi discipline sporting festivals, Open Water Swimming and Obstacle Course Races.

We specialise in providing bespoke radio systems to fulfill your requirements, utilising equipment built to exceed military standards for ruggedness, shock and water/dust ingress. This means we can operate in the harshest of environments.

Systems can range from just a few radios through to full systems covering large geographic areas. Most event organisers find the real value in our service is when we run and manage “Event Control” this is manned with experienced controllers/dispatchers (from both civilian and military disciplines) and is the hub of all event operations. From here we co-ordinate all event staff on the ground as well as co-ordination and dispatch of our medical and rescue team, all communication passes through here.

Utilising our event safety management system we always ensure that all critical information is recorded and can easily be retrieved both during and after an event. We also have the ability for all communications to be digitally recorded, again this can be recalled at anytime.

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