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The DP4400 / DP4401 portable radio is an excellent choice for event crew; allowing for simplified and seamless communication, individual calling of key event staff, as well as predefined status alerts to groups or individuals. The DP4401 has the added capability of both GPS and Bluetooth, allowing for the connection of accessories as well as GPS tracking of  radios/users.


This feature-rich radio delivers best-in-class audio that includes Intelligent Audio and customisable voice announcements for status notifications.

The DP4400 / DP4401 is easy to use and features 32 channel capacity, four programmable buttons, dedicated emergency button, IP68 specifications for submersibility and FM or TIA intrinsically safe options.


The standard package from Lacus comes complete with 2100Mah Li-Ion, Helical antenna, and Battery clip.

If a charger is required, please select from the choice within the linked accessories.



  • DP4400e VHF radio body
  • 2100mAh Li-Ion IMPRESS Battery
  • Belt clip
  • Product documentation
  • Antenna of choice


This item is a licenced two-way radio. This means that you are required to have a valid OFCOM licence to use the radio in the UK. Using the radio without a licence is illegal. If you would like more information regarding ofcom licences, please contact our service team by calling 0800 612 5123 or email

Motorola DP4400e VHF

Excluding VAT |
    • 32 Channels
    • IP68 for Submersion
    • 3 Programmable Side Buttons
    • Capacity Plus
    • Capacity Max (Optional Licence Key)
    • IP Site Connect
    • Emergency Orange Button
    • Transmit Interrupt
    • Noise Cancellation
    • Mute Mode
    • Text To Speech
    • MDC and 5-Tone
    • Digital Telephone Patch
    • Radio Inhibit / Radio Disable
    • Third Party Applications
    • Enhanced Privacy
    • GNSS 
    • Wi-Fi   
    • Man Down 
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