Improving Event Communication – Push to Talk over Cellular

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Hear at Event Safety Group we are always looking to see how we can expand and improve our services. Over the last couple of months our management team have been trialling a new service, Push To Talk over Cellular (PTToC). PTToC combines the practicality of a radio into the convenience of a smart phone. Traditional radio networks are constrained by their geographic reach, but with PTToC the reach is extended infinitely, providing you have a mobile data connection (e.g. 3G, WiFi etc.) you can communicate with another subscriber anywhere in the world. In trialling we have been communicating between our two main office locations in Cumbria and Lancashire and surrounding areas, the voice clarity is exceptional and is on a par or exceeds that expected when working a standard FM analog radio.
So why not just use mobile phone? PTToC allows for all the benefits of a modern digital radio system, including:
• Group Calls (one to many)
• Individual Calls (Select Names/Call Signs, no dialing of numbers)
• Mimics radio operation for familiarity and ease of use, some devices come with dedicated PTT button.
• Data Messages (including text and images – one to one or group)
• GPS location services (see where all individual units are on the ground).
• Roaming over multiple networks (3G, 4G WiFi).
• Can be interconnected to radio networks for seamless roaming.

Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 11.19.15

Voice Communication Demo Video

Screen Shot 2017-01-12 at 11.17.27

A video demonstrating the features of the PTToC app.


We can see this being a great application for certain events where traditional radio systems have been ruled out on cost and ease of deployment. Ultra distance and cycle events will be especially suited to this application, allowing them to take advantage of one to many communications at the touch of a button, keeping event staff along the course of the route constantly updated and informed as to the progress of the race. Another great advantage is that race directors and medical teams can track staff in real time by using the inbuilt GPS location services within the app or from the central Control point, this allows for the viewing of all units locations on one screen.

The system can also be further expanded with add on options for dispatch consoles (for use in Event Control) and radio network interconnect, allowing for the system to be connected to an existing or hired in event radio network, this allows you to communicate between radio and PTToC client, providing an unlimited expansion in coverage!


Dispatch screen running from Windows laptop.

As there is no costly radio infrastructure involved (the system being cloud hosted), the cost of purchase/hire and setup is less than you would think. ESG are able to offer a number of options for taking advantage of this service, from purchase of licenses on a monthly or annual contract to the hire of handsets on a per event basis. A number of ruggedised smart phones are also available for purchase along with a range of accessories.

For further information or to arrange a demonstration please contact p.wilmore@eventsafetygroup.co.uk

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