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Free First Aid Training for Event Organisers

By 17th November 2017 No Comments

rescue under way
Organisers of big adventure races, triathlons, ultras and swim-runs call on us to help with their strategy and logistics in both event organising and event safety.

But we know that there are many smaller local events which are being organised by diligent volunteers, who carry a great deal of responsibility, especially in staging fell races.  So we’re offering to put on some short, free first-aid/lifesaving workshops for organising teams and marshals, those who probably won’t but just might have to deal with a health or medical crisis. This would be a supplement to professional medical cover; it will give attendees vital skills to preserve life whilst awaiting our medical teams to arrive.

We care a lot about competitors and their wellbeing, and we want to give something free to the sport event community.  At a recent event we dealt with a cardiac arrest. If it wasn’t for the swift reactions and CPR given by a marshal, we wouldn’t have been in a position to offer advanced life support. So it’s really important that volunteers who are not medics have some basic awareness to honour their responsibilities as organisers.

We’ve just written an article for The Great Outdoors magazine, What to do if you’re first on the scene. Our MedSkills Academy and Event Safety Group staff know the fells. We walk and run them, we rescue people on them! If your running club might be interested in hearing how we could help, then please do get in touch:

Tel: 0800 612 5123

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