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Communications and Safety Managment

Our communications team specialise in providing bespoke systems. Utilising best in class equipment we can deploy where communications are needed from the fell tops to the sea. As an Ofcom licenced supplier we can provide systems from leading manufacturers, using various technologies such as Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) and Push to Talk over Cellular (PoC).


A key benefit from our services is the joined-up approach to event delivery. Communications are streamlined between event organisers and their staff, as well as providing clear channels of communication to the medical and safety teams.

Communications are managed by our specialist event controllers, who are experienced in co-ordinating communications and resources to hundreds of events over the last 20 years. This helps make for a well-run event, reducing pressure on event organisers. Utilising our event safety management system, we ensure that all critical information is recorded and can easily be retrieved both during and after an event. Communications may also be digitally recorded, allowing for instant playback when this is required.

We are also able to provide engineering services, sales and hire of radios and systems.

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