Born Survivor

Born Survivor is a military style 10km Obstacle Course with approximately 35 obstacles of varying difficulty ranging from 10ft walls, to mud filled trenches. The event takes place in a number of high profile locations across the NW and attracts up to 3000 competitors per event. Event Safety Group have been involved with the event since its inception in 2013, providing a range of safety critical services. ESG oversees the whole safety provision for the event, providing an in-depth Safety Plan for each event, an event wide Radio Communications System, Operations Room services and safety staff on the ground including a safety sweeper(s) at the end of each event.

Prior to each event the ESG Safety Manager provides a full crew safety briefing, running through all Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), Safety and Communication Protocols, staff are then inducted in the use of the radio system. In addition, event staff are issued with an ESG provided Safety Pocket guide, this includes all protocols, call signs and an event map. During the event all marshals and event staff are directly contactable through the radio system, the radio system deployed comprises of two talk groups, Event Operations and Medical, this ensures that the Medics always have clear lines of communication and the Event operations don’t overhear any sensitive information. All incidents are reported via the radio network being recorded and co-ordinated by “Control”. Should external “blue light” services be required ESG co-ordinates bringing these onto site, including the escorting from designated Emergency Rendezvous Points (ERV).

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